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Why I changed from Chrome to Firefox?

When in 2008, the first version of Chrome came out, I tried it and felt this is what can save mankind from Internet Explorer. I used it as my personal browser mostly because of its speed and I recommended it to my friends too. Then why I did change?

The short answer: Just for fun. 😀

The long answer: Of course I have tried and used many other browsers actively on many other platforms since I’m a front-end developer. I use a lot of Google products for personal purposes like Gmail/Inbox, Keep, Photos etc. I hate MS Office so I do my presentations or my docs with Slide and Docs in Google Drive. Well, I am an Android user, so Chrome seems to be the perfect digital ecosystem for me. It synchronizes everything and I can reach all of my documents from all of my devices. I also use Chrome for work because its developer tools are great and our products are based on Google products. 🙂

Last summer I was thinking about migrating to Firefox because I wanted to use it longer. On the one hand, I like jumping out of my comfort zone, on the other hand, many people love it and I can fully agree with their views. I found an article which helped me decide I want to use Firefox. I ported my saved passwords, bookmarks, RSS feeds, extensions (which were available) to Firefox (v54). I started to use Firefox as default browser on my phone as well. I love that I can use extensions on a mobile device too, I don’t even know why Chrome didn’t implement it yet. (I especially liked Firefox Focus, take a look at it!) The synchronizing worked nicely, everything was beautiful, but after about 2 weeks of use, I felt it annoyingly slow. It should be known that usually around 10–20 tabs are always open and I need them with all my extensions. It lagged when I switched between tabs, and the opening of the new tabs was so slow. So I moved back to Chrome again…

Firefox Quantum was released recently, this is version #57. In this version the core engine was completely rewritten and they promised a very high speed. Meanwhile they have launched WebExtensions, so they accept only extensions written in this way. Thus the extension that runs in Chrome runs in Firefox too, you only need to upload it into store. From a developer’s perspective, an interesting information is that now they automatically check the submitted extensions, so there are no 2-week delays. (My test extension needed 5 minutes.) That was enough for me to move back to Firefox again. It’s not as fast as they said on tests (here and here) and it didn’t always beats Chrome but it’s a big improvement compared to the previous versions. I can recommend it after 4 days of use to pro-users as well. It doesn’t lag and the rendering seems a bit faster than in Chrome.

I am a happy Firefox user now and I don’t miss Chrome so far. Maybe I only miss just the pinch gesture used on macOS at zooming, because this feature is missing from Firefox. (Or I just didn’t find it in settings.)