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How to get rid of your browser tabs

I think everyone has faced with the issue of browser tab hell. When you see an interesting article, or just want to save something for reading it later, you open it, and leave it in your “tab queue” mostly forever. I’m the same. 😁

Ok, but what is the problem with this?

Einstein said: “The genius controls the chaos”. I thought I’m a genius too, I ordered these tabs based on priority or based on my current interest. I’m using Firefox. In Firefox if you have a lot of tabs opened, the tab bar becomes scrollable and once the good old opened tab gets out of view you will never read it. In Chrome browser if there are a lot of tabs, they remains in view but they becomes very narrow, and you can’t read the title anymore.

Besides that, there is the huge performance issue of number of opened tabs, so if your device responds slowly, you can blame your browser. Take a look at the Activity Monitor (on Windows: Task Manager), I bet your browser is in first three when you arrange the list based on memory usage. The other important aspect is the lifetime of your battery. When you’re working outside or while commute it's unnecessary to keep your unused tabs in background to use your processor and memory, this only drains your battery for no reason.

The last point is the productivity. For me is important to focus my attention, and if I have a lot of tabs opened, I always feel, I need to do something with them. They are in my sight all day long, and they are stressing me.


You can use your browsers built in bookmark feature. If you are logged in on every device, it can nicely synchronize your saved pages and you can read the saved article later e.g. when you are sitting on train. I used the bookmark feature, but it wasn’t for me. It was too silly. Now I’m trying Pocket, again (I used it long ago too) it’s a fancy app to save articles which interests you. My favorite feature is the tagging, so I can filter my saved stuff based on my tags. Also it can handle videos and images, and you can recommend articles for your followers. Pocket comes built into Firefox but you can download as WebExtension for Chrome too. They have a mobile app in App Store and Play Store, you can read your synchronized articles from your other devices as well. My favorite feature in mobile app is the listening mode. It’s fantastic when you’re biking in the city or working out. Take a look at it! 😉