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Shrink image on client side in browser

We needed to handle file uploads properly on the frontend. I know it's not a client side stuff to handle images, without proper library, but that was the requirement, and hey, it's an interesting task!🤔


Styled Range Input - A way out of Range Input nightmare

Did you ever faced with range inputs? They are really simple, right? But what if you need to create custom styled range input? Here comes the pain.

Using a Macbook

Ways to create a new Chrome instance without CORS [macOS]

This tutorial is mainly for macOS users, but the command line stuff can be useful for everyone.😊

Fractal clock

Asynchronicity in JavaScript

When things can happen independently of the programs main thread, we're talking about asynchronicity. By default JavaScript is a synchronous single threaded language which means it cannot run multiple threads parallelly. Your code will be executed from top to bottom, one after another. But what if you need to do some heavy computation on client side or just to wait for a long server response?


Online tudatosság

Szerintem mindenki hallott már a digital detox-ról és sokan próbálták is a tudatosság jegyében, vagy csak mert szimplán elegük lett abból, hogy minden ok nélkül oldogatják fel a telefont értesítéseket remélve, vagy órákat tekergetik valamelyik közösségi felületet, hátha látnak még valami érdekeset. Köztük voltam én is.

Browser tabs

How to get rid of your browser tabs

I think everyone has faced with the issue of browser tab hell. When you see an interesting article, or just want to save something for reading it later, you open it, and leave it in your “tab queue” mostly forever. I’m the same. 😁


What freeCodeCamp gave me as an experienced developer - part 1

I’m a frontend developer approximately for 5 years. I knew what freeCodeCamp is, but I never looked into it. I decided to create a profile and go trough some lesson. 🏕👨‍💻

Bad Facebook

3 hónapos Facebook detox-ot toltam

Pontosan 2018 október 28.án délután 5kor köszöntem el a közös Messenger csoportunkban örökre a többiektől és töröltem le az appot mindenhol. Najó, nem örökre. 😀

A fox walking.

Why I changed from Chrome to Firefox?

When in 2008, the first version of Chrome came out, I tried it and felt this is what can save mankind from Internet Explorer. I used it as my personal browser mostly because of it's speed and I recommended it to my friends too. Then why I did change?